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Pre-paid promotional personalised books from Branded Books are 'unlocked' by the public, by revealing a code on an attractive scratchcard. This innovation by BrandedBooks is a result of our wide experience in the field of promotions and personalised books. The card can be designed to fit your promotion, from credit card size upwards. The code is an order number for a personalised book, to feature the forename of your choice, redeemed by post. BrandedBooks.com are leaders in the field, as demonstrated by our previous personalised book incentives for Hovis and Nestlé.

  • The card represents a unique marketing opportunity:
  • Broad market appeal - children and their parents, the young-at-heart
  • The link is established with scratchcard prizes and value
  • Tie-ins with other promotional activity across your product range
  • Product or service fully integrated in a book suitable for any age
  • Scratchcard and Personalised book can carry your company's branding and message throughout.

The back of the card can carry promotional material relating to your company (logo, product information, etc.), in addition to the required redemption instructions.

You need only supply your company's branding and any characters or illustrations associated with products, and we will create an appealing and impactful children's book, indistinguishable from a mass-market retail title.

The format lends itself to promoting any company or service. Your company's branding can be easily applied to the 'scratchcard', and the format of the book can be varied to suit.

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