Personalised Books from BrandedBooks

Branded Books introduces a new concept in promotional products - individually personalised books to your own specification. Digitally printed to order, each book is unique but retains the outward appearance of a mass-market paperback.

Brandedbooks took the 'personalised books' project from concept to delivery, providing a considerable promotional boost to client companies. The commercial success of the concept is incentive enough to explore the possibilities of your own promotional personalised books.

Brandedbooks commission authors and illustrators for individual project, tailoring the story and images to your own specification. Your product or service could feature as an integral part of the narrative, or be shown prominently throughout each of the personalised books. The cost-effective, easy-to-manage process ensures the client and end customer both benefit.

Personalised books from BrandedBooks have proven attractive for a number of international brands, including Hovis and Nestlé. The scope for promotion and brand awareness offered by the personalised book is immense.

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